Boating warning issued as dozens of whales cavort off coast

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Dozens of whales are frolicking off Northern California’s coast.

It’s a feast for the eyes but it has prompted federal officials to issue a boating warning.

The Marin Independent Journal reports officials documented 115 humpback, blue and fin whales during a one-hour survey last weekend near the Farallon Islands.

To ease the threat of vessels striking whales, federal officials say recreational boaters, including fishermen, should remain at least 300 feet away — the federal minimum distance guideline.

Roger Thomas, the 80-year-old dean of the Bay Area salmon fleet who serves as skipper of Sausalito’s Salty Lady, says there seem to be more whales near shore this year than ever before.

He says “It’s unbelievable,” adding that “whales are all over the place.”

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